Ankle ligament

December 9, 2008

One week ago I decided to ride bicycle on weekend and explore the Gumi city as long as I can. When I came back and measured  I found that overall I run more than 15km, which is unusual for my body weight. Good job – I lost extra pounds, however next day I was limping on my right foot and extreme pain on certain position while walking or pressing to some points. I thought it was a muscle tension, however after a week not better. Then I went to doctor and he says that this is my ankle ligament. The clinic I’m getting treatment is acupuncture clinic in Indong area. Too many needles, to high voltage through my leg. Today they are going to burn… it’s called MAX.

In my case I have injured Tibiocalcaneal ligament, hopefully just over stretched a little and not cut. There is no way at the moment to make sure without MRI, which is very expensive here. I’ll wait for the acupuncture treatment to finish and if still no help I should do something else…

Update: I have fully recovered my ankle, thanks everyone for asking!


JM20337 read data corruption – solution

December 8, 2008

Some time ago I bought hard drive enclosure. To my surprise recently I’ve found out that read operation is giving random corrupted data, in other words if you copy data from IDE HD connected to that enclosure, your fill will be corrupted on target media. Without any hope that I will get some answer, I wrote an e-mail to enclosure chipset vendor – JMicron. To my second surprise I got immediate response from very kind person Alex Lee working in that company. He was very prompt and professional and eventually helped to fix the problem, which was enclosure vendor design issue rather than chipset. I will share with this information just in case if some one else need it.

The enclosure box I bought is below. The model NTY-M35HD. I bought it from South Korean local market online, through

boxThe chipset used is JM20337.
Some PCB pictures of my enclosure.



And here goes recommended patch, click on the picture to see full size. Basically you have to remove resistor R15 4.72k.

image0011Click on the picture to zoom and see that resistor.

Right after patch I have created a batch file for continuous reading / comparing over 2 days and not a single error.

So I want to thank Alex Lee for his great work and JMicron company for amazing products which I believe are leading in the market.

Update March 16, 2009
Here is very tiny batch file to help you test your adapter and/or hard drive. It will continuously copy/compare large file [provided by you] and terminate either when data mismatch found or you press Ctrl+C. You can leave it run overnight.
Copy the following into datacheck.bat (use view plain link at the top of script) and save it anywhere in your hard drive.

@echo off
echo checking data
echo [press ctrl+c to terminate script]

copy %1 %2 >nul
fc /b %1 %2 > nul


echo sorry, data corrupted...

Then goto Start -> Run -> cmd

cd path_where_you_copied_datacheck.bat 
datacheck.bat c:\bigfile.dat e:\bigfile.dat
c:\bigfile.dat - some really big file over 500MB
e:\bigfile.dat - your USB drive connected through adapter with name of the target file

Now the script will continuously check data. Grab some tea, sit back, cross your fingers and relax đŸ˜‰


Tomato brew haus

December 8, 2008

Couple weeks ago me and my friends went to strange buffet/restaurant with even more strange name “Tomato brew haus”. Lot of beer, food, including numerous see foods. One can eath to death. A very nice place for birthday party and actully all kind of events and not that costly – about 18,000 KRW.
Will try to post some pictures whenever get a chance.

Better late than too late

December 8, 2008

Finally decided to create a blog for myself although I am too lazy for this.

I recently moved to South Korea to work with Samsung. The city I live now and work has the biggest Samsung plant. However, there is not much here to have fun or spent time at all. Just a provincial city with about 300k population. The 3rd biggest city in SK Daegu is one hour far from me. Whenever I buy a car here I should go there once a week.

I need to learn Korean, nobody can speak English outside of the company, it is extremely difficult to communicate. Company provided for me Korean teacher, but it’s not helping a lot. Either I am lazy or learning Korean culture is more interesting than Korean language.

Girls are cute here though.

Koreans are very nice and friendly people, although they avoid communicating to foreigners. In some cases you may say that they are close minded. Their culture is adorable, so much respect and politeness to olders and parents. They never say no even if they have to. They bow to each other as greeting.

The food worth a separate post but since I’m on diet losing weight I better shortly describe. It’s SPICY. The national food is called gimchi, which is not main food, you can use it as an appetizer or salad. The rest is rice, soups, radish, seafood, meat on sticks and a lot of strange things I’ve never seen before.

By the way, so far I’ve lost 15kg since I came here, will keep losing.

That’s pretty much it for now.