Ankle ligament

One week ago I decided to ride bicycle on weekend and explore the Gumi city as long as I can. When I came back and measured  I found that overall I run more than 15km, which is unusual for my body weight. Good job – I lost extra pounds, however next day I was limping on my right foot and extreme pain on certain position while walking or pressing to some points. I thought it was a muscle tension, however after a week not better. Then I went to doctor and he says that this is my ankle ligament. The clinic I’m getting treatment is acupuncture clinic in Indong area. Too many needles, to high voltage through my leg. Today they are going to burn… it’s called MAX.

In my case I have injured Tibiocalcaneal ligament, hopefully just over stretched a little and not cut. There is no way at the moment to make sure without MRI, which is very expensive here. I’ll wait for the acupuncture treatment to finish and if still no help I should do something else…

Update: I have fully recovered my ankle, thanks everyone for asking!

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