Better late than too late

December 8, 2008

Finally decided to create a blog for myself although I am too lazy for this.

I recently moved to South Korea to work with Samsung. The city I live now and work has the biggest Samsung plant. However, there is not much here to have fun or spent time at all. Just a provincial city with about 300k population. The 3rd biggest city in SK Daegu is one hour far from me. Whenever I buy a car here I should go there once a week.

I need to learn Korean, nobody can speak English outside of the company, it is extremely difficult to communicate. Company provided for me Korean teacher, but it’s not helping a lot. Either I am lazy or learning Korean culture is more interesting than Korean language.

Girls are cute here though.

Koreans are very nice and friendly people, although they avoid communicating to foreigners. In some cases you may say that they are close minded. Their culture is adorable, so much respect and politeness to olders and parents. They never say no even if they have to. They bow to each other as greeting.

The food worth a separate post but since I’m on diet losing weight I better shortly describe. It’s SPICY. The national food is called gimchi, which is not main food, you can use it as an appetizer or salad. The rest is rice, soups, radish, seafood, meat on sticks and a lot of strange things I’ve never seen before.

By the way, so far I’ve lost 15kg since I came here, will keep losing.

That’s pretty much it for now.