vBProductMaker 1.5.1 – Free vBulletin Product development tool for Windows

February 25, 2009


April 02: x64 version is available for download!

Version 1.6.0 is released

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vBProductMaker intended to help vBulletin product developers and make it little easy to manage their products and corresponding components. The skill level of users using this tool can vary from novice to advanced web programmers. It is combining code editor with syntax coloring, vBulletin-aware management console and XML builder, in order to produce final XML file which can be imported into vBulletin.

vBProductMaker is using internal file type in order to store and retrieve all information related to your vBulletin product. The file type is defined as .vbu . You can save your product as .vbu file and then later load it, modify and finally export to vBulletin XML product.

As the help contains most of information one can need, I will show several screenshots below.








This is public beta version, feel free to test and report issues.

Requirements: .NET framework 2.0 or later

Download vBProductMaker 1.5.1